This podcast was created by Cody as an excuse for The Brothers to stay in touch and talk on a more regular basis. It totally wasn't so that Ben felt like his brothers wanted him to be involved in something that they were doing, or for Cody to justify his purchase of a $437 microphone to his new wife or to fill the empty void that is Jay's day-to-day life while going through a divorce. Pfft! Guys don't talk about their feelings, right?



Brother Jay

The Old Brother

Although he has several years on his brothers, he has somehow managed to stay the most handsome of the group*. Other than that he doesn't really have anything going for him but he is a good guy so we keep him around. Jay, being the eldest and always eager to hear small children use curse words, is the reason the other brothers swear so much.

Brother Cody

The Forgotten Brother

The brains behind the whole operation... which doesn't bode well for the whole operation. The least clever or quick witted of the brothers, but the best punching bag for his brothers to unleash their machine gun insults on. Cody takes it all in stride though, which is hard for him because of his massive genitals.

Brother Ben

The "Least Experienced" Brother

The least interested, but most funny of the brothers**. While being highly "innovative" and adept at knowing how to steer a conversation his way to come out on top, Ben is never ready to take part in any of the games. Yet, by some strange miracle of unknown origins, he is the one who carries the whole podcast forward a lot of the time.

* not according to a listener survey - 12/2018   ** not according to a listener survey - 07/2018

*not according to a listener survey - 12/2018

**not according to a listener survey - 07/2018