City Name Sex Move  (Twitter only)

This game is made up by our very own eldest brother, Jay while he drove a giant machine in a train yard for work years ago.

You take a city name and an inanimate object or action and you compare it to another city name and inanimate object or action, then you give the subtle difference between them. The game looks and sounds like this:


This is a great game for Twitter. Feel free to play it on there, just make sure you hashtag (#) the city names and use our #citysexmove hashtag so we can check it out. You could also tweet at us @TheBrothersKidd

Whats the Story?

Someone finds an interesting headline from any media source and, without reading into the story, everyone makes up the events as they would be covered. It can be a long story, short story, bizarre or classically absurd. Aim for the last one for sure.

Brotherly Advice

Ask each other a question to the group. It can be hypothetical, or etiquette, personal, outlandish, etc. Just make it something you genuinely want to know about those people. It's like truth or dare only without the dare.  And the truth is usually something you can't unhear about someone. *shudders*


On the podcast we have done a versus with monetary net worth's of celebrities but you could play this game with any kind of topic. We did one with ages in honor of Jay's birthday one time. It's usually one person versus a bunch of other people. Players are pitted against each other and say who is worth more/older/whatever than the other versus. Jay is terrible at this game. It's really funny when he loses.


Someone picks or even makes up a company, big or small, and everyone takes turns thinking up a slogan (or tagline if you cool guys are in "The Biz"). Best one wins. We've only played this game once because Cody doesn't want to cut out the dead air as we all sit and think or the just plain awful ideas we come up with. Kind of a dud? Meh.

Would You Choose

Ben seems to think he came up with the idea for this game all on his own but the other brothers initially questioned that statement strongly. They just couldn't seem to put their finger on what game it is similar to though. We have all since agreed that Benjamin is the inventor of this game and everyone else is "biting his steez".

For this game you give the group a difficult choice between two things and they have to decide which outcome they would prefer. Questions may be asked to clarify the perameters of the choice but you must choose one. Majority wins and the minority voters are "gross", "sick" or simply "fucking losers".

Stolen Trivia

You go somewhere that has trivia and you take one of the cards to quiz your friends. It feels more high risk because the trivia is stolen. Do not steal trivia from your friends however, that is an asshole move. 

Find My Lie

Pick 2 of something (for example movie titles) and then make up one of your own. Read them off to people and they have to see if they can find the one you made up. You  CANNOT use outside help to make up the lies like Cody does. His wife, who's much smarter and funnier than him tricks us all the time with her lies. Women! Ugh. Individual answers are allowed but if the guessers unite and form an alliance, only one selection can be made. The winner is the winner and losers feel only shame.

This Or That

You present the contestants (or "victims")  with the This or That (For example on the podcast we played is it a RC car or the name of a sex toy) then the title or name of a noun that is one of those two things. The contestants decide wether that something is either This or That. Sound confusing? Listen to the podcasts where we play the game; it doesn't get much easier to understand but by the end of one you'll have the hang of it.

Movie Magic

One person comes up with a movie title and then everyone collaborates and comes up with the plot synopsis . You can even cover the actors who play the characters if you want to take it to the next level. Go ANOTHER step above and make up the plot synopsis, famous lines or scenes, etc. This is a game we've only played once and I doubt will ever play again, but Ben drops a siiii-iiick beatbox beat down in it! Worth listening just for that.

Definitive Answer

Another gem of a game made up by the eldest of the Brothers, Jay. This time while sitting and trying to figure out todays youth culture slang.

Go to and find what you would consider a "stumper" of a phrase or single word and record it's definition. Guessers must make up the definition of your term based solely on imagination or their deeply hidden deviant knowledge. Don't forget to include how it's used in a sentence as the others are allowed a one-time "Use it in a Sentence" bonus to help in the guessing. Answer must be correct or no one wins the round. (Trust me when I say ultimately, no one wins this game. Ever. We are all worse off for having played.)


This is another Brother Ben “original” concoction and boy oh boy is it well thought out and funny! The question poser gives you a short list of three (3) people, real life or fictional, and asks with of these three you would have assign them their fates. One is for screwing like they are a piece of meat, another is assigned to be hitched… to you even and finally someone in the group you just want to be oh so murdered and dead forever. Could be something like it on the planet but i can’t remember where I miight have heard