Another ramble from incoherant Brother Jay


Now I don't know about you kids but with me, football is about as entertaining as an open-handed jerk off session. No lotion either. Take a knee sportsfans and I'll tell you how I really feel here.
Big guys, and I mean really big, thick, strong angry men tickleing each other around on the grass in spandex can't be what we all aspire to drink our Wheaties for every morning now is it? I know I can't get out of bed without 'em so I can run into my friend I grew up and went to school with for 13 years and give him a tickle.
And while I have you here let me get something off my chest about the women we have cheering on this namby-pamby sport full of -- wait, what? Did you say "Tickle" or "Tackle"? Tackle? Like that tiger used to do to the boy back in the comic strip section all the time? That vicious body blow that would leave the genius child nearly crippled, and very shoeless?
Never mind. As you were. 
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